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About us


Customer benefits are increased optimization of overhaul time planning.


Include monitoring on semi-critical equipment in a cost effective way.


Reduce the recourses used by CBM engineers by installing cost effective sampling nodes.

Product philosophy

Keeping the machinery up to a high efficiency

The Dynatrend philosophy is to use commonly available instrumentation and adapted software solutions in order to make the most technically effective solution available for demanding monitoring and diagnostic tasks.


Dynatrend system background


Applied for two decades. Non-intrusive sensors and very easy adaption. Makes the introduction to online CBM evaluation very cost-effective.

Core Dynatrend potential for critical machinery operators


Preserving efficiency and thereby preventing unnecessary power losses. Limiting power losses which in turn increases production figures or reduces emissions. PRO-ACTIVE Automatic correction of running conditions of the machines by interfacing with the control system for “navigating” the machine out of exposure of initial degradation or error. Securing reliability in a transparent way with detailed event information. Implementing Condition-Based Maintenance planning tools.

Everybody wants to be Dynatrend.

But Dynatrend is only one!

As being a system architect, the customer can specify what will be suiting the purpose most effectively.

We believe that your time is most precious.