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Dynatrend is a company deeply specialized in:

mechanical condition monitoring and diagnostics of critical machinery

The Dynatrend philosophy is to use commonly available instrumentation and adapted software solutions in order to make the most technically effective solution available for demanding monitoring and diagnostic tasks.


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    VEWS System applications

    Dynatrend creates the tools needed for avoiding opening up a machine which do not require opening just to determine if it is in good or bad condition. 

    VEWS Vibration Analysis systems

    The categories within this field are typically split into: Systems – Services – Training.


    Dynatrend performs tailor made machine diagnostic training seminars for various category of staff, dependent of the responsibility level or sector.

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    Modern Solutions

    Next level quality in

    monitoring solutions

    For machinery end-users, the economical saving potentials are enhanced by applying pro-active condition monitoring systems. The potentials of securing the machinery with the Dynatrend systems and services applied are typical: decreased operational risk · increased production figures · increased efficiency over time · decreased emissions · decreased operational costs.

    VEWS System applications

    Reducing the consumption of spare-parts, typically by optimizing the following, sorted by operational category:

    Oil & Gas

    Diagnostic reporting services and operational support. Machinery degradation protection for minimizing production losses, limiting emission release, and reducing fuel and maintenance costs.


    Dedicated analysis setup for machinery prototype testing and maturing, particularly important for internal clearance maturing and gas path flow instability mapping. 

    Aero engines

    Auto diagnostics for shorter lead time to solve vibration and resonance issues. Reducing workshop time, saving test fuel, saving man hours. Documented 50% savings on helicopter engines.

    Industrial-large stationary machinery

    Machinery degradation protection for minimizing production losses, limiting emission release, and reducing fuel costs.


    Machinery failure protection for minimizing diesel and gas engine valve and valve gear failures.

    Power Gen

    Monitoring of static electric equipment and gear for detecting the onset of failure. Dedicated systems suppled for various turbine categories, being gas, steam, hydro, and related equipment.

    Sub-Sea machinery

    Subsea mounted equipment will export advanced diagnostics via low data transfer rate capacity over the umbilical. Only text strings are sent to the surface.

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    The monitoring systems are created by commonly available components from multiple sources. As being a system architect, the customer can specify what will be suiting the purpose most effectively. If you have any question just write to us!