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VEWS Vibration Analysis systems

VEWS Vibration Analysis systems

The categories within this field are typically split into Systems – Services – Training. Systems. ATEX and non-ATEX. The Dynatrend surveillance systems are normally supplied with the following:

The monitoring systems are typically supplied as:

Offline-transient vibration monitoring technology

Portable low weight and small footprint system, based upon conventional laptop PC as the data processing unit. When a machine template is loaded, auto-diagnostic, and auto-report is generated. These systems run with the same diagnostic capabilities as the online systems, but lacking long term data storage capability.

Online intelligent vibration monitoring technology

Industrial plant machinery continuous monitoring; auto diagnostics and alerting by instant and continuous information flow upon anomalies. The online systems can typically be installed as added modules to BN-System1 and similar category systems for improving the diagnostics ranges.

Testcell applications

Component detail analysis and data storage with auto reporting for each run. Providing parameter export to plant databases and data handling systems for correlations.